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A'ctelios from high up, by mg

A’ctelios Salash is one of the four Shield Kingdoms of Chandrar. A'ctelious Salash is known by many names: The Carven City, Tombhome, or simply A'ctelios. A'ctelios Salash is famously known as the city that has never fallen, even during the time when Dragons ruled, as well as for its [Formshapers]. It is considered a 'creepy' place, even by Selphid standards[1].


Interior layout by Enuryn
(comissioned by Pirateaba)

A’ctelios Salash is a city in south-western Chandrar. Owing to the gargantuan size of the continent, it took three days of near-constant flight via magical carpet to reach A'ctelios from Germina.

A'ctelios Salash is the corpse of an ancient, eldritch monster that came from the edge of the world. At some point, it ventured into Chandrar and was subsequently slain; its killers were considered heroes, and subsequently began hollowing out its corpse and began living inside of it.

The denizens of A'ctelios harvest the flesh of their home and eat it. Currently, all five of its eyes, brain and parts of its upper body have been hollowed out and are inhabited by its citizens. The flesh never rots, as it is "made of magic and time"[2], and is compared to Dragonflesh, which has the same qualities.

The natives of A'ctelios receive a unique boon from eating the flesh of their home, in the form of the suffix [Fleshchosen] to their class, for example Sainath, a [Fleshchosen Formshaper]. An example of such a boon is an extended lifespan.


“In an age before the Dragons ruled, something came from beyond the edge of the world. It must have destroyed nations. But here it fell. And A’ctelios Salash was the nation that sprang from its corpse. Even when Dragons ruled, they did not take this place. And the people of A’ctelios first sheltered in its eyes. Then, over millennia, dug deeper.” The Quarass

Trey recognized the corpse from the air instantly as something that is commonly known on Earth, but the Quarass reassured him that this type of monster can be encountered near the Edge of the World, where she has seen other specimens and that the Drathians hunt them: “This one was simply the largest.”[3]

Readers have been speculating on the creature being related to Gazers, as both the city-sized monster and Half-Gazers have five eyes.

Visitor’s Song[]

Old Song[]

I met a traveller walking on a journey

We stopped where shadows met the sand,

He entered the tomb rotting and I held back

I saw him ever waving, but I never took his hand.”

New Song[]

We met two folk who stopped on a lonesome path

One entered full of willing, the other did not stay,

A single soul found comfort in our ancient home

He is one of many, and the other slipped away.


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Flesh. Pakeil. Foul Magic.

[Fleshchosen], [Flesh Shapers], [Flesh Reapers]


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war with Reim...

A’ctelios supports the Blighted Kingdom with its personel and flesh so that Rhir's Flesh Reapers can develop the ability to safely consume Demon flesh: They lose their humanity, become extremely tough and more Demon-like in order to fight their Enemy.[4]



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