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Aaron Vanwell, also known as ‘Blackmage’, is an Earther who was transported to Innworld. He currently resides in Wistram Academy.


Aaron is a young African-American man.


Aaron has an excitable personality. Having loved the idea of magic from a young age, being transported to a magical world is a lifelong dream come true. He is fairly innovative, seeing how he was able to combine technology with magic. Additionally, it is assumed that Aaron is hard-working and disciplined, as he is one of the higher-leveled Earther [Mages], a class that requires much focus, and is one that many Earthers have given up on.[2] Having been transported directly to Wistram, he is somewhat sheltered, though he does have some idea of the potential dangers in the outside world.


Aaron once expected a letter from Hogwarts to arrive on his eleventh birthday and was crushed when it didn't happen.


'BlackMage' was the one who set up the chatroom, which was connected to the iPhones of all people from Earth, with the help of his [Engineer] Class and Wistram [Mages].



  • [Magictech Engineer] Lv. ?[3] (self proclaimed as high-level)[4]
    • Classes Consolidated:
      • [Mage] Level 18[1]
      • [Engineer] Level 11




  • He obtained the [Engineer] Class, after dismantling his iPhone and other electronics.[5]
  • He's from America,[5] however doesn't have an American accent but touches of what Ryoka assumes to be an English one.[6]
  • BlackMage is fan of 8-Bit Theater, the web comic, hence his username.[7]
  • His age was revealed in Interlude – Blackmage.
  • Harry Potter is Aaron's favorite book and movie series of all time,[1] with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire being his favorite movie.[5] He's also a fan of Iron Man.[8]
  • He prefers baseball over soccer.[3]
  • Aaron tried making pizza several times, though was unsuccessful.


  • (To "Batman") = I just translated that. batman, I’m warning you. If you keep acting like this, in the future you will NOT be invited to other calls.
  • (To "Kent Scott") = Hey Kent Scott, quick question. What’s Spiderman’s real name?
  • (To "Kent Scott") = Whoever this ‘Kent Scott’ is, they’re not from our world. How did you get that iPhone?
  • (To "Batman") “Oh my god. Is this—are you [batman]? [batman]’s a girl?
  • (To "Batman") “We—the mages of Wistram and I—are trying to find people across the world! I’ve called a bunch of people and we’re trying to bring them here. To Wistram!”
  • (To himself) “I am Iron M—”
  • (To Nailihuaile) “I’ll blow my head off before pay-per-view exists in this world!”
  • (To Elena) “I don’t think so. I think he’s—he’s not a bad man. Not a good man either. He’s just a man. The [Mages] are just people, Elena.”
  • (To Amerys) “Archmage? I’m going to remove your gag. Please don’t bite me.”
  • (To Galei) “Fun, Mage Galei. Shouldn’t life have a bit of fun?”
  • (Commenting aloud) “That’s…a bike. And that’s…batman.”
  • (To Feor) “She knows more than anyone else, I’ll bet, Archmage. And she was smart enough to pick out the imposter. You need to save her.”
  • (To Emerrhain) “I—forgive me, sir. But why are you doing this? Why for me?”
  • (To Emerrhain) “I asked you questions, sir. And you helped me. But I didn’t promise you anything, did I? I just…took your hand.”
  • (To Wistram Earthers) “…But Elena’s also right. Troy’s given you all this chance. I think that you should all ask yourselves what you want to do. And go if you’re going. You might never get another chance.”