Acid Flies and jar of collected acid, mashup made from banners by Raoul Solomon

Acid Flies are monsters that appear in the Floodplains. They are attracted to blood and decaying flesh, but can easily burst.

Appearance Edit

Acid flies are green and black, and appear to be fireflies, but three times larger. Instead of a glowing backside, there is a large glowing orb filled with acid. They have four legs, instead of six. Acid flies exhibit sexual dimorphism, where the females of the species are rarer and substantially larger.[1]

Habits Edit

Acid Flies can be found in the Floodplains and are not common all over Izril[2].

They contain a very strong acid in their bodies that is easily capable to corrodes flesh and wood. This glowing acid sack is easy to rupture, resulting in the death of the individual fly, but also hurting or even killing the predator who risks to approach the fly. Due to overwhelming numbers, the flies can survive as a species.

The males of the species are the hunters of the species, finding dead flesh and applying small quantities of their digestive acid to it. Once the flesh is melted enough, they can slurp that fluid up, and use it to feed both themselves and their prospective female partners, for whom they disgorge the nutrition solution from their lower abdomen.[1]

Usage and harvesting Edit

Erin discovered a method to capture Acid Flies using glass jars with bait inside, where the acid flies would be able to enter but not exit. After capture, the acid flies can easily pop with any kind of disturbance to the jar. Using this technique, Erin was able to harvest large quantities of both acid flies and their acid.

During her first harvest, Erin trips over one of the glass jars and accidentally releases a large swarm of acid flies. She is saved only because of Pisces' quick thinking, using [Frozen Wind] to freeze all of the flies.[3]

Erin then sells fried acid flies to members of Liscor, especially Drakes and Antinium. Klbkch has a particular affinity for Acid Flies, and Erin later convinces him to bring Antinium workers to the inn to sample some. She also sells jars of acids to nearby adventurers, including Rags' Tribe.

Acid Jars Edit

The Acid Jars have then become important in several fights:

  • Gerial used a Jar of Acid against Skinner.
  • Erin practically exhausted her storage of acid against Skinner.
  • Rags used a Jar of Acid to defeat Garen Redfang[4]
  • ...

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References Edit

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