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Adetr Steelfur is a Gnoll of the Steelfur Tribe.


He looked like a statue of a Gnoll cast in metal come to life. His teeth, his claws, his fur, even the skin underneath looked like moving metal. All his entire body but his eyes were metal. And even the eyes, the whites had turned to iron or something like them. Only his pupils looked like flesh.[2]


Adetr is obsessed with battle. He lusts and dreams after it to such an extent that he gained a class that would allow him to imagine battle scenarios with others at his own whim.[2]

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He is nephew to the Chieftan of the Steelfur tribe. He is one of the strongest among their tribe and many believe that he could be the next chieftan despite not the chieftan having sons and grandsons that share a closer blood relation.[2]


Volume 8:[]

Adetr spent much of his time during the Meeting of the Tribes looking for worthy opponents to use his Skill, [Analysis: Vision of Greatest Battle], on. Some few that he used the Skill on could sense its usage, like Garsine Wallbreaker. Every 38 minutes he would be able to reuse the Skill and simulate a fight against a new opponent. Eventually, he tried his Skill on Rose and was quickly defeated repeatedly due to her usage of Earth technology. He leveled four times that night primarily due to fighting the simulation involving Rose repeatedly. He eventually became so obsessed with gaining victory that he aggressively confronted Rose in person to interrogate her on her origins and weapons and in turn was immobilized by Beilmark.[2]

After much of the confusion was cleared up, the Silverfang Tribe met with the Steelfur Tribe to discuss Adetr's accidental findings and subsequent actions. They agreed to set up a meeting where Rose and Adetr could talk.[3]

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TBA From Chapter 8.52 MN

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Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Vanguard of Metal] Lv. ?[4] (Primary Class)
  • [Battle Seeker] Lv. 27


  • [Analysis: Vision of Greatest Battle]
  • [Bull’s Rush]
  • [Foreign Lands Training (Landscape)]
  • [Ram’s Spearhead Formation]
  • [Reckless Advance]

Original Skill/Combination Skill:[]

  • [The World of You and Me][5]



  • (Thoughts) Chieftain Iraz has to know. But what is this army? Where is this?
  • (To himself) “Even the sky. They were different stars. One moon? Where am I?”
  • (To Rose) “Everything was gone! What was it? Who are you? What weapon destroys mountain and land like that?”