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Agratha is a [Witch Teacher] that belongs to one of the largest Witch Covens.


She wears a little red pointed hat.[1]


Agratha is protective of her students being the only witch that wanted to prevent the younger witches from attending the Summer Solstice.[2]

She is also among the brand of [Witches] that would sell charms of small power to lesser nobility unlike some other witches.[3]


After Emperor Laken had made a bargain to safeguard all [Witches] that come to his land, Agratha was among the first wave of [Witches] to come to the Unseen Empire.[1]


Volume 7:[]

When a [Driver] accidentally ran his wagon full of milk with Ezerre's honey vats, spilling them on the street, Hedag offered to retrieve the honey without scooping up any dirt. She shouted for Agratha to help her, and the two, with the additional help from four young apprentices [Witches], magically swept the honey back up into the overturned vats.

For collecting all the honey back without a speck of dust or grit in them, Laken gave them one of the honey pots as gratitude. Before she left with Hedag to enjoy the honey, Agratha bowed slightly to Laken, and thanked him.[1]

Agratha, along with the other witches of the Unseen Empire, attended the Summer Solstice party with the Fae and Izril's nobility.[3]

Volume 8:[]

During the Sariant Lamb epidemic of Riverfarm, Agratha was vocal about wanting to kill the lambs in order to save Riverfarm.[4]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Witch Teacher] Lv. ?


  • [Renew Skill]



  • Laken considers Agratha one of his senior witches[4]


  • (To Hedag) “Witch Hedag, please don’t shout!
  • (To everyone) “Oh, a spill. The honey! I see, I see. A little sweeping spell should do it. Come on apprentices, this is a good test for you. Stand back, please.”
  • (To Witches) “It even got the bear. Let’s kill them when everyone’s asleep.”