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Aielef du Marquin, also known as Aielef the Fierce, is the 3rd [Princess] of the Eternal Throne of Calanfer.


She has natural blonde hair, with a bit purple, but due to Terandrian royalty having red hair as a mark of their royal blood, she dyed her hair into a fiery orange.[2]


She is propagandized as ‘Aielef the Fierce’ by Calanfer so that she be known as the most outspoken and bravest of the Princesses of Calanfer, and a fitting match for Kaliv’s tough kingdom. In reality she is none of that.

For one she hates the peasantry, and even breathing the same air as them repulse her. She would call them ‘peon’ but never where there was a chance it could be overheard in public. If there is anything she despises more then peasants, that would be criminals. She wouldn't allow Kaliv’s Wing of Shame, which consists of them and the Griffin Prince himself, to rest at her castle after fighting because of their criminal past. She showed them no gratitude despite them being half the reason why Ailendamus hadn’t taken more of Kaliv.

She also does not like Kaliv at all, nor does she love her husband, and like almost every other member of Calanfer’s royal family, she does not believe in family love. Due to this, she has an antagonistic relationship with her sisters, and a less than loving relationship with her children. She is preparing to have them married off the moment they are of age, without any of their say so, as in her option it is better to set up for marriage now than wait and lose the best matches. She also believes that if one's marriage isn’t ideal, they should still make it work.[3]

TBA From Chapter 8.73 R


She was married into Kaliv’s own extended royal family to affirm ties between the Dawn Concordat, a practice they had honored for countless generations.[2]

Unfortunately, her marriage is not a happy one as both she and her husband, Duke Ronnel, do not love each other despite having 3 children, 1 boy and 2 girls. She also had to move to a fortress in Kaliv, and had to deal with politeness to Kaliv’s warriors of Griffin Riders and giant, mountainous goat riders, that she had to host.

The only way she deals with all of this is by going to her constructed ‘observatory’, with an actual glass roof to the stars and very un-fortress-like viewing platforms, so that she might have some elegance in her life. Also she doesn't actually stay in Kaliv as much if she could help it.[3]


Volume 8[]

As the Dawn Concordat and Ailendamus are at war, she was sent by her parents on a diplomatic tour with Shardele and Seraphel, to try getting the other kingdoms to fight with or support them against Ailendamus. To do so she used a baby Griffin to draw the nobility into the idea of owning such a lovely creature, and thus supporting Kaliv’s war.[2]

She was later seen in her castle in Kaliv. She discussed matters of state with Shardele and Vernoue however they were interrupted by an attack by one of Ailendamus' Great Generals.[3]

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TBA From Chapter 8.73 R

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Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Princess] Lv. ?
  • [Painter] Lv. 10[4]


  • [A Refreshing Repast]
  • [One True Detail]


  • It was from her that Lyonette learned to insult other people with lower authority than them by calling them ‘peon’ (which means a low-ranking worker). However unlike Lyonette, Aielef was smart enough to not say it in public.[2]


  • (To Ruis) “Your Highness. You do us a great honor in welcoming us at this hour. Calanfer thanks you, and his Majesty sends regrets that he could not attend himself. Alas, the duties of war are most pressing.”
  • (To Nadel’s Ladies) “Do excuse me, ladies. I am rearing an infant Griffin; one must do their part. My adopted kingdom of Kaliv does raise them, and I have learned to do so as well. It is newly-born, you see. Please, be wary of its beak; but this child will enjoy some petting. Carefully.”
  • (To Seraphel) “You had to make more work for us? There was no cause to start an incident! Mother will be furious!”
  • (To her knights about the peasants) “Disperse them immediately. I don’t want to see them when I reach the manor. I don’t want to breathe the same—”
  • To Seraphel:
    • “That damned baby Griffin scratched me on our last tour and it hasn’t healed! A minor infection! Me!”
    • “—I only mean that you don’t get to complain from having simple bad luck. Every one of us is to be married, even that runaway, Lyonette. Take what you’re given and make the best of it, I say.”
    • “What, realistically? You do not need to love the man you wed. Or do you disagree, Seraphel? Can you honestly say you even liked any of the three you were betrothed to?”
    • A criminal. This swine came here, demanding shelter for her group.”
  • (To Doniff) “You are here to protect me!
  • (To Markus & Ser Solstice) “If one dwells on…what might be, what could be, or fiction, things grow terribly difficult. I only look at what is—the rest is a painful exercise in futility, and my sisters, save dear Shardele, fail to understand that. Daydreams are wonderful, but if you keep pursuing them, you will only hurt yourself. I stick to what is real and I can touch.”