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Alber is a Human [Boxer] who has a passion for fist fights. He moves from city to city, and earns money by challenging anyone to try and knock him down or last three minutes in the ring.


Due to his ears and nose having both taken a lot of impacts, he has developed a boxer’s face. He has the body of a featherweight class fighter.[1]


Alber is a stoic person who takes most things in stride. He has a habit of mentally assigning people nicknames based on their most prominent characteristic (Ryoka: "Braggart," Fierre: "Cougher," Medain: "Madman").[2] However, he is slightly more friendlier when he gets to know someone better.



TBA From Interlude - 5

TBA From Chapter 6.00

TBA From Chapter 6.01

TBA From Chapter 6.25

TBA From Chapter 6.41 E

TBA From Chapter 6.42 E

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TBA From Interlude – Dancing and Brawling

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Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Boxer] Lv. 28[3]
    • Derived from [Fist Fighter][1]


  • [Arms: Impact Shield]
  • [Fists of Iron]
  • [Flurry of Blows]
  • [Full-Weight Counter]
  • [Lightning Jab]
  • [Ten Second Rush]


  • While he appeared for the first time in Interlude - 5, his name was revealed in Ch 6.00.
  • In the past he had fought against Minotaurs, and while he lost 38 times, he did win 1 fight.[1]