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Anazurhe is the Goblin Chieftain of the Molten Stone Tribe, and a Witch.


Like all Goblins, Anazurhe has sharp teeth and glowing red eyes, which are like dancing flames. She wears a pointed Witch's hat and a robe like fire. She also wears a half-mask over the lower part of her face and is adorned with many pieces of jewelry, Her lips has a slight scar.[1]


Anazurhe is intelligent and canny. She appears to be tired and resigned, not desiring to find a Goblin Lord or King, and uninterested in the Goblin King's lost treasure. While Anzurhe prefers to not get involved in the affairs of other tribes, with the exception of trade, she will use her magic in exchange for a price.[1]


TBA From Chapter 8.46 G


TBA From Chapter 7.43 G


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TBA From Chapter 8.60


Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Chieftain] Lv. ? (High-Level)
  • [Witch of Flame] Lv. ? (High-Level)


  • [Beneficial Tonic]


  •  ??? - The Caster shots Arrows made of purple fire.



  • (To Mavika) “I am Goblin as well as [Witch].”
  • (To Naumel and Mavika) “With a [Witch]. Do not anger her or she will eat your eyes. Now. Mavika, why do you come?”
  • (To Mavika) “Stay a day, Mavika. My tribe welcomes you. Tell me how Califor died.”
  • (To Naumel) “There they are. Far and not far. What is your wish? My magic is not limitless. I can cast one thing. Do you want their freedom? Safety? Location?”
  • To Rags:
    • “Not Goblin. Not Goblin, this little child says. So she said to Tremborag’s face. Tremborag the Great. Tremborag the Fat, who led his tribe to sate his hunger. Not Goblin. How would you know what Goblin is? Why do you decide? I am Goblin. I am [Witch]. You do not get to judge me, little Chieftain.”
    • “So the Great Chieftain of the Flooded Waters tribe has upset all of north Izril and stolen their precious Healer of Tenbault, all to save the life of a Human. I say…that is not-Goblin at all.”