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Apista is Lyonette's Ashfire Bee.


Apista is a little bit bigger than the size of two hands joined together, which makes her larger than the average Ashfire Bee which are as big as a hand.[1]




  • Spawn and childhood as singular bee, trained by Lyonette
  • Addiction to faerie flowers.
  • Defeating the Queen of Ashfire Bees
  • Overcoming addiction to Faerie flowers, desire to rescue Ashfire bee swarm

Powers and Abilities[]

Having drunk the magical nectar of the faerie flowers on a regular basis, Apista's mana reserves have increased, allowing her to create hotter, brighter flames which also won't extinguish as quickly compared to other ashfire bees.[1]


Skills that apply to Apista through Lyonette's [Lesser Bond].

  • [Agile Flier]
  • [Basic Training]
  • [Crimson Stinger][2]
  • [Enhanced Intelligence]



  • Apista's name was revealed in Ch 4.07.
  • Erin suggested several potential names for the bee, with "Apista" being the one Lyon settled on, though Erin had been holding out for Beeyonce, or Pudge.[3]
  • Apista consumed fairy flower nectar on a daily basis, making her high.[4]
  • Apista dislikes whenever a "bug thing" enters the inn. She is afraid of them, as they eat her kind.[1]
  • Apista considers Mrsha to be her pet.[5]
  • Apista is capable of playing chess, even once beating Mrsha in a game, which is a testament to Apista's intelligence or Mrsha's ineptitude at the game[6]