Apista is Lyon's Ashfire Bee.

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Apista is a little bit bigger than the size of two hands joined together, which makes her larger than the average Ashfire Bee who is only as big as a hand.[2]

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Background Edit

It is through Lyonette that Apista understands more of the world, as she is able to sense her thoughts and emotions (and Lyon sense hers due to [Lesser Bond]), though they are abstract, often confusing. Due to that connection Apista thinks of Lyonette as another bee, just uglier, unable to fly, and who does many odd things.

Aside from Lyon, there are three other people Apista thinks of as part of her "wood hive", them being the "white thing", who she thinks of as a friend and someone she would protect with her life, the "green thing", and the "scary thing". Knowing that Erin is liked by Lyon, Apista does not regard her as a threat, though, nevertheless, she scares the bee. The reason for that is Erin occasionally filling the whole room, in a sense even becoming the hive, which turns her into a terrible giant.[2]

As the sole proper bee, she sees it as her duty to patrol the inn, checking on if anything had changed in her "hive" while she’d slept, making sure nothing had penetrated it, lurking there, such as hive beetles or spiders (she really hates spiders).[2]

Chronology Edit

  • Spawn and childhood as singular bee, trained by Lyonette
  • Addiction to faerie flowers.
  • Defeating the Queen of Ashfire Bees
  • overcoming addiction to Faerie flowers, desire to rescue their swarm

Powers and Abilities Edit

Having drunk the magical nectar of the faerie flowers on a regular basis, Apista's mana reserves have increased, allowing her to create hotter, brighter flames which also won't extinguish as quickly compared to other ashfire bees.[2]

Skills: Edit

Skills that apply to Apista through Lyonette's [Lesser Bond].

  • [Agile Flier]
  • [Basic Training]
  • [Crimson Stinger][3]
  • [Enhanced Intelligence]

Trivia Edit

  • Apista name was revealed in Ch 4.07.
  • Erin suggested several potential names for the bee, with "Apista" being the one Lyon settled on, though Erin had been holding out for Beeyonce, or Pudge.[4]
  • Apista consumes fairy flower nectar.[5]
  • Apista dislikes whenever a "bug thing" enters the inn. She is afraid of them, as they eat her kind.[2]

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Quotes/Thoughts Edit

  • (To herself) “Oh, I am a bee, and a bee I must be. But what is a bee, if a bee is not free?”
  • (To Lyon) “What shall we do? What do you see? What pulls you, and how do you see me? What shall I do? By what reason am I free?”
  • (To herself) “At last, I fly free!”
  • (Thoughts) After all, what was a bee if she could not fly as high as could be? A bee was high as she could be. And she was free.
  • (Thoughts) But not her comrades in the dark. So the bee went higher in her head. For the hive fought valiantly. But one day, if not rescued, they’d be dead.
  • (To anyone) ‘whee…look at me, I’m flying!

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