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Archmage refers to either the proper apex of all Mages Classes, or just a Title.


[Archmage] Class[]

The [Archmage] class is the Highest Mage Class, and is considered to be a nigh unreachable goal for [Mages] to reach at the time of the story. Few if any exist in the world today.

An [Archmage] that is specialized above all else in a specific field of magic will obtain an addition to their main class about their main specialization. For instance, an [Archmage] specialized in Physical Enchantment Magic will have the [Archmagus of Strength] Class.[1]

Archmage Title[]

By comparison, the Archmage Title is given to the premier [Mages] of magical institutions, most commonly in Wistram Academy. It used to be that almost all Archmages were [Archmages] in name and class, but with the general decline in magic, that is no longer the case.

One theory of why the current apex Mages are not advancing to the [Archmage] Class is, according to Az’kerash and a few others, because they are not practicing and mastering all fields of magic, which include Death Magic (Necromancy).

List of Archmages[]


  • Kishkeria - [Shaman of the Eternal Grasslands][2] / [Archmage of Grasses] (Deceased)
  • Nekhret (Deceased)
  • Perril Chandler / Az’kerash - [Archmage of Death]
  • Silvenia
  • Zelkyr - Archmage of Golems (Deceased?)
  • Dreosh - Gnoll [Archmage] (Deceased)[3]
  • ??? - [Archmagus of Strength][1] (Deceased?)
  • ??? - Naga [Archmage][4] - Archmage of Waters / Archmage of Nagas[5] (Deceased)
  • ??? - Garuda [Archmage of Sky] of Wistram (Deceased)[2]

Titled Archmages:[]

Unknown If Class or Titled:[]


  • One of the Quarass' predecessors was so talented in magic that she (or he?) was even considered a possible [Archmage].[9]
  • It is speculated but not confirmed that the current Titled Archmages' actual Class is that of a [Grand Magus] as it's the second highest mage class, second only to the [Archmage] itself.[1]