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The Army of the Goblin Lord (the one who later called himself Reiss) was a military organization comprised of many Goblin tribes who had united under said Goblin Lord.

Overview, Composition, Strategies[]

Untypically for regular Goblin tribes, the Goblin Lord's army often used black armor and forged weapons, instead of scavenged and rusty equipment. This alone made them more dangerous opponents in comparison to the usual ragtag tribes who barely clothed themselves.

The Goblin Lord himself was a powerful Necromancer but also relied on other [Shamans] and had them control his Undead of all races available (from Zombies and Skeletons to Ghouls and Draugr). On the say-so of Az’kerash, Reiss implemented strategies where undead goblins were bracing the regular goblins so that they had a higher fighting value. The Goblin Lord himself didn't wish to waste Goblin lifes, so he tried to crush the enemy with his undead fodder, and use exploding Undead and surprise strategies against unsuspecting enemies.

While the army was always mostly regular Goblins, who were often drilled into a semblance of professional soldiers, the core of it was a very large troupe of Hobgoblins, although those were only seen in larger numbers the more the story progressed. This speaks towards many of them being recently up-leveled Goblins.

Detachments - Chronology[]

A vanguard of the Goblin Lord's army attacked an outlying village near Liscor. This group was eredicated by the just-reformed Horns of Hammerad under Ceria Springwalker, as well as Griffon Hunt, the Halfseekers and Liscor's City Watch. Their equipment quickly put Liscor on higher alert.[1]

Another warband of the Goblin Lord arrived at Esthelm and stormed the unprepared city, killing many, but were then attacked right in their rear by the Flooded Waters Tribe under Rags' command, who had different ideas on how to loot the humans. As a result of this confrontation, Esthelm was mostly destroyed but still inhabitated by the civilians who were spared by Rags.[2]

An even larger vanguard/warband of the Goblin Lord's army peacefully passed Liscor in an appropriate distance, and refrained from attacking the well-fortified city.[3] This army also went to attack Esthelm, but Toren crippled their ability to control the Undead. Now they only had some hundred Undead under their control and couldn't storm the city before reorganizing and reinforcing their forces, which gave the defenders time to also prepare.[4] In the end, the siege of Esthelm's ruins was thwarted thanks to Ylawes Byres and his Silver Swords, together with the Redfang Elite Warriors, most of whom died during the battle.[5]

Main Army - Chronology[]

Reiss had been a member of the Ghostly Hand Tribe which had for a long time specialized in Necromancy, albeit he lived for a long time in exile and studied under Az’kerash. He eventually returned and took over the tribe by killing the [Shaman]-Chieftain of the Ghostly Hands. The other [Shamans] followed him afterwards. Reiss continued to conquer more Goblin Tribes in Southern Izril, among them the Broken Spear Tribe and many smaller ones.

In black: The Route of the Goblin Lord's Army through Central Izril (Artistic rendition)

He was destroying the (Gnoll) Stone Spears Tribe when he was surprised by the arrival of the Gnoll-Drake army under Zel and Ilvriss who had followed Ryoka to the Stone Spears. In the middle of the battle, Zel realized that the Stone Spears were decimated and gave up on killing the Goblin Lord.[6]

  • destruction of Pallass' 2nd army
  • campaign into the human lands
  • battle near Invrisil
  • march to Tremborag's mountain and back
  • destruction at Liscor


  • Raiding party near Liscor: Several Hobgoblins, one among them with chieftain-rank enchanted equipment. In total 200-300 well-armed goblin soldiers.[1]
  • Vanguard that perished during the Siege of Esthelm - first just many hundreds, but reinforced before the battle to become an army of thousands:
  • Main Army at the Battle of the Stone Spears: Thousands of Goblins, elite unit with over a hundred Hobgoblins in heavy armor