Apista by Enuryn

Apista the Ashfire Bee, by Enuryn
(commissioned by Pirateaba)[1]

Ashfire Bees are a type of monsters similar to bees.

Appearance Edit

Ashfire Bees look like normal bees, but with the size of a human face.

Background Edit

Ashfire Bees build their nest on the stone walls of caves and their number consists of thousands. Like bees they produce honey.

Ashfire Bees can forage for as many as twenty miles outside their hives, at 30 miles per hour, and further still if need be. They have to, as smaller flowers are far too tiny to provide them with enough nectar.[2]

Caste System Edit

Ashfire Bees have a caste system similar to normal bees.

  • Queen bee
  • Soldier bee
  • Worker bee

Power/Abilities Edit

Ashfire Bees are considered a Gold-rank threat.[3] Without mages they are practically impossible to kill. They are known for their ability to withstand heat, and the way they can even start fires and burn down forests when they gather together. Should they face off an opponent they can't sting, they will lift it high up into the sky, and drop it.

Due to their size, they can even put out an eye with their stingers, and their venom can even kill.

Trivia Edit


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