The Assassin’s Guild, also known as the Silent Brethren, the Unseen Guild and the Daughters and Sons of Silence,[1] is a guild specialized in covert assassinations, scouting and protection.

This article deals mostly with the Assassin's directly employed by the guild but also covers [Assassins], their organization and class feats in general.

Background and History Edit

It is unknown if, how and to which extent Assassin's Guilds of different locations are interconnected. It is likely that they are split according to continental or even national affiliations, like other guilds do.

Baleros Edit

There has been no mention of an Assassin's Guild in Baleros, but that doesn't necessary mean that none exists. Still, the Adventurer's Guilds there are more open to allow posting bounties against non-monster non-criminals, or even subcontract in wars, which is different from the situations of Terandria and Izril.[2] Speculative: This may well mean that there are specialized, competing Assassin Companies for hire, instead of a unified Guild. On a side note, Foliana's exact [Rogue] class has not yet been revealed.

Chandrar Edit

Roshal routinely employs [Assassins] and other hired killers to go against people who oppose them publicly, which includes monarchs.[3]

The Quarass of Germina is a monarch who routinely trained child assassins, specialists in poison attacks. Only recently, Flos Reimarch forbid the newest Quarass to use child assassins; but did not stop her training new adult [Assassins].

Northern Izril Edit

Historically, the Assassin's Guild of Northern Izril has often been under the sway of the Reinhart Family. This was also the case with [Lady] Magnolia Reinhart who only lost her control over the Guild[4] in the winter of Erin Solstice's arrival, when the Circle of Thorns seized control of much of the Guild in a move that completely escaped Magnolia's notice[5]. Then, only some chosen contractors like several of Magnolia's [Maid Assassins] or the young spying [Assassin] Theofore, remained in her employ but fell out of the graces of the Assassin's Guild. This situation became public when Magnolia had to confess that she lost this control when Bethal confronted her about finding [Assassins] shortly before the assassination of [Lady] Patricia Mellisar.[3]

The Assassin's Guild instead contracted against Magnolia Reinhart several times: First by contracting "Grand Mage" Nemor and sending some dozen [Assassins] with him[5]; later by attacking several [Ladies] (among them Magnolia, Bethal, Pryde, Wuvren and Zanthia - all those attacks failed because the Guild sent dozens of low-leveled members into their certain deaths)[6]; and then again by attacking Magnolia's house in Laiss.[7]

Other actions of the Guild in Northern Izril include the attempt on Lacel the Leaper[4].

[Lord] Tyrion Veltras despises and condemns the use of [Assassins] in politics, especially after his wife was murdered by an [Assassin].[3]

Southern Izril Edit

The Drakes have their own system with Assassins. Manus offers them training in its tactical schools, but [Assassins] are likely to be found in the employ of any cities.

However, the Silent Queen also specializes in stealth warriors, and during the War of Sighs, the number and quality of Drake [Assassins] in Southern was severely lowered, lasting even more than ten years later.

Rhir and Minos Edit

There is no Assassin’s Guild in Rhir.[8]

In the honor-centered culture of Minos, it seems unlikely that organized assassination groups exist.

Drath Archipelago Edit

Among the Drathians, there is a different class called [Ninja] who apparently behave very different from the [Assassins] in other places, as it is a whole different culture: For example, they dress in black, jump out of shadows and creep hanging below the ceiling[9] which is obviously something that [Assassins] wouldn't ever do, according to Magnolia.

Policy Edit

  • Should they fail a mission, they will fully reimburse their clients.[10]
  • They will not accept missions against contracted clients and their associate, until the contract had expired.[11]

Members Edit

The members have a magical wards on them that prevent them from speaking about the guild.[11]

Known Members: Edit

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