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Badarrow is a Hobgoblin [Sniper] and one of the Redfang Elite Warriors.


He has green skin and crimson eyes. Once becoming a Hobgoblin his height is taller than an average human. He has pointy ears and a rather lengthy, pointed nose. His teeth are pointy and sharp, and have two rows, like a shark.

He has red tattoos that mark his identity from when he was a Redfang that other Redfang members would be able to recognize.

He always looks grumpy and he’s always grouching to the others.[1]


He’s the bad-tempered one of the group. He is very sneaky when it comes to liking nice things, such as looking out a window in order to smell the flowers growing there.



Powers and Abilities[]

Being an elite warrior of the Redfang Tribe he has over 10 levels in at least one of his combat classes, meaning that he is strong enough to fight against Bronze-rank adventurers. That said, this isn't an impressing feat, as those are the weakest adventurers. However, in terms of experience, he is "vastly more competent than any greenhorn with a sword."[2]


  • [Mountainrange Sniper] Lv. ? (30+)
    • Advanced from [Archer] → [Sniper]


  • [Blinding Arrow]
  • [Doubled Range]
  • [Eagle Eyes]
    • Derived from [Keen Eyes]
  • [Farshot Mastery]
  • [Shattershot]
  • [Splintershot Arrow]
  • [Two Mile Shot]
  • [Zone of Interception Fire]

(For Leveling History see Here)


  • Enchanted Longbow with a magical string and bow that resisted the elements and never needed replacing.[3]
  • Recurve Bow[4]
  • Steel Sword
  • Bell of Agony


  • His identity was revealed in Ch 3.17 T.
  • He was nicknamed Badarrow for his hatred of poor quality ammunition. He refused to even touch any arrow with poor fletching, misshapen arrowheads, or bent shafts.[5]
  • Badarrow once succeeded in killing two Silver-rank adventurers in battle. However, he did it while sitting comfortably behind the actual fight and took both adventurers by surprise, making the feat far less impressive.[6]


  • (To Halrac) “Helped Goblins. Sometimes.”
  • (To Garen) “I met a friend who hunts for birds.”
  • To Numbtongue:
    • “Stop sitting around. Why are you sitting? We—going after.”
    • “Little Mrsha gone! You leave? Nothing gets in garden. Not even that—thing.”
  • (To Flooded Waters Tribe) “Her name is Mrsha. She is part of the inn. That inn. I am going after. That is why I go. If I come back…I will rejoin tribe. But I am going. To find her. Or die. Numbtongue is alive. He goes too. And Snapjaw, Ulvama.