Bagrhavens are giant raven women.


They look like deformed Human woman with long arms and razor sharp talons and teeth. Under a certain light, their resembles to Humans is enough to make them look like naked feathered women.[1]


Bagrhavens live in nests and will ambush anyone that comes close, in order to guard it. They will also gadder or plunder glittering of jewelry and pile them up in a mound around their feathery nest.[1]

Power and Abilities

Physical Abilities

Durability: They very tough, as it would take one of them to have her chest scorched by shocks arrow and having the rest of her body pincushioned by arrows, before she falls. Even if they have fallen after they had been impaled, trampled or scorched, it is advised to stab around their throat to be sure that they are dead.[1]

Pain Suppression: They don't register pain or damage until after a battle was over.[1]

Intelligence: They are intelligent enough to hide in the shadows or hanging on a dark ceiling to ambush their opponents.[1]

Magical Abilities

Shadow Camouflage: They can make the shadows they hide in more dark then they supposed to be.[1]

Fearful Scream: Their scream has a magical lesser fear effects, designed to spread fear into the hearts of their opponents. In an enclosed space the noise becomes terrific.[1]


  • The only valuable parts of Bagrhavens are their claws and feathers.[1]


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