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Barelle is one of the world’s famous [Bard] entertainer. He is mostly simply known as Barelle the Bard, but is also known as the Meddling Storyteller of tales, for he is a [Bard] who finds himself in grand tales and sometimes took up arms so that they could end the right way.[1]


He is quite old as his hair has some grey in it, yet he still looks old and young.[1]



TBA From Interlude – Songs and Stories


TBA From Chapter 7.56


TBA From Solstice (Pt. 1)


TBA From Solstice (Pt. 2)


TBA From Interlude – Songs and Stories


TBA From Chapter 8.54 H


Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Bard] Lv. ? (either [Fartraveller Bard] or [Bard of Stories]; speculated at over level 30)[2]


  • [Know Thy Audience]


  • Barelle’s Magical Lyre: A lyre modified of the standard, seven-stringed lyre, as Barelle’s lyre has 14 strings. 7 were the regular ones, delicately strung, possibly Pegasus hair or some perfect material along the work of art that was his lyre. But 7 more lay behind the ordinary seven. Each one was a different glowing color.[2] And when these magical chord were plucked, they produce a different melody and feeling. The 7 color string chords are:
    • Ivory White = Higher-pitched, Eerie sound.[2]
    • Bright Green = Sound like Life and Spring.[2]
    • Bright Yellow, like a canary feather = Sound like Happiness and the very essence of Laughter.[2]
    • Midnight Black = Darken the air like that of a stage in itself.[2]
    • Deep Blue Sea[2] = Sound like Sorrow.[3]
    • Orange = A solemn note of grandeur, wonder, great deeds and momentous occasions.[3]
    • Blood Red = Echo across the past, present and future.[1]
  • Shortsword[3]


  • The Ten Comedies of Terandria is one of his own work.[2]
  • He ones was booked to perform at a surprise party for Mihaela Godfrey, but due to her not dealing well at events not of her choosing, left after two minutes.[2]


  • To the audience:
    • Ladies and Gentlemen. And [Actors] too.
    • “Eat, speak, dine, and of course, enjoy. I only ask that you give me time to perform without having to compete.”
    • “I am a [Fartraveller Bard], a [Bard of Stories]. I have been both. I have seen terrible tragedies, walked through war, and spoken with those who fought against legends, both monsters and men like the King of Destruction. I have performed for [Kings] and [Beggars] and been humbled by both former and latter. Tonight though, I think we have no time for such stories. Nor shall I compete with Elisial!
    • “This young woman has done so much already. Already—three cities and more are connected, across hundreds of miles thanks to her! Already, a team of adventurers reached Gold-rank for her help! I am speaking of course, of Erin Solstice. And to her, I shall play—”
  • To Erin:
    • “Miss Solstice, I apologize for my performance. It was a poor one and I took it too lightly. Another sign I have yet to master my craft.”
    • “What you perceive about yourself is not what others see. But tell me, Miss Solstice. What makes you unworthy of the praise?”
    • “Miss Solstice, we’ll certainly speak again. If only because your unusual friend seems to want to inspect my lyre. How ever did you find a fellow student of the craft among Goblins?”
  • (To Ryoka) “The [Emperor]? Certainly, Miss Griffin. We’ll talk, shall we? But I do need to get up on stage before Miss Emme hamstrings me—”
  • To the audience:
    • Ladies and gentlemen. Guests of the Unseen Empire. And visitors from however far they come. I am Barelle the Bard. And it is my duty, my honor, to open this day of festivities. This longest day. This—Summer Solstice.
    • “This day belongs to you, dear guests. And whilst I invite you to all dine and make merry, there shall be great tales, performed by the Players of Celum. Wondrous sights, by the Skylights! Performances by masters and mistresses of their craft all. And I shall sing. Sing of battle against the Circle of Thorns. Tell the story of a brave Runner—”
    • “—and of the [Innkeeper] of Liscor.”
    • “But this is not the time. At this moment, by your leave, Lords and Ladies, Emperor—let this celebration begin!
  • (To Ryoka) “Once more, it is time for [Bards] to shape the stories they tell for the better.”
  • (To Cognita) “It is worth living dangerously to find out how each story ends. And they should end right. Gloriously, tragically—but right. So they call me the Meddling Storyteller.”