Basilisks are a monster species.

Most things about them are as of yet unknown, including where in Innworld they live. It seems possible that there is a population in Chandrar.

Appearance Edit

They look like staring lizards.[1]

Special Abilities Edit

They are able to petrify their enemies with their glares, but the petrification can be resisted or reversed if it is not completed.[1]

They are dangerous if met when unprepared. One kind of preparation might include mirrors.[2]

Usage Edit

  • Basilisk meat is very succulent.[1]
  • Their scaly skin can be made into glittering armor, like the Named Adventurer Alked Fellbow uses.[3]

Trivia Edit

  • Ryoka likened Teriarch to a basilisk when she underwent his scrutiny. She wisely didn't say that.[4]

References Edit

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