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'batman' is an alias used during the Earthworlders' group chat. In Chapter 2.01 it is revealed to be Ryoka Griffin's alias.

"Well, it’s a good thing I used to read Youtube comments or I wouldn’t have been able to transform myself into an egotistical thirteen year-old with delusions of grammar. [batman] was a good foil, but I probably gave myself away there at the end"


batman is on one hand a rather silly, and inconsiderate person, he fools around, when others are anxious, and are asking, or even begging for help. This was seen during the Vol. 2 interlude, when he constantly made fun of people, and kept writing random words, like "asdghhASDaj" to distract others—though maybe to distract himself from his own fears.

On the other hand, he has been shown to be perceptive, as he figured out that [Kent Scott] wasn't from Earth, as he led the others believe, and warned them not to mention their names, but due to his earlier silliness nobody took him serious.


[batman] first appeared in the First Group Chat that was organized by Wistram. [batman]'s attitude led to the other participants wanting to exclude batman. Apparently, only [BlackMage] and [s] were able to understand the warning that [batman] passed along in Hindi, as he later told the three other participants of the Second Group Chat that he tried several times to reach [batman], revealing how helpful [batman] had been. Later on while Ryoka was having her first talk with Laken, [BlackMage] manages to connect with [batman] as her iPhone was turned on[1]. Although Ryoka was angry about the possible dangers they still talk with Laken joining the conversation under the alias 'L'. Due to suspicions about [BlackMage]'s claim of being in Wistram L and [batman] tell him to send a message using Wistram's power that only Earthers would understand. Despite using gender-neutral pronouns for [batman][2], [BlackMage] was very surprised to learn that she was in fact a girl after calling her. However, Wistram doesn't find out the real identities of 'L' and 'batman' even after they sent a group of investigators to Izril.[3] During Ryoka's run to deliver the cure forTyrion Veltras' sons, Aaron Vanwell figures out her identity due to hearing her voice through Wistram's broadcast, and asks Viltach to help her.[4]



  • [batman] = iPhones r magic. duh. apple has wizards.
  • [batman] = over 9000 lol.
  • [batman] = this is a trap lol.
  • [batman] = i am [Dark Avenger]. level 999999.
  • [batman] = To exit the simulation, please type ‘EXIT’ without the quotation marks in the chat box and hit send. A virtual aide will be sent to you momentarily to begin the extraction process.
  • [batman] to [s] = खतरे यहाँ है बात नहीं करते नकली व्यक्ति यहाँ है asshole. (Hindu, Machine Translation = Danger here, Do not talk, Fake person is here)
  • [batman] to [BlackMage] = पसंदीदा फिल्म पूछें go fuck yourself. (Translation = Ask favorite movie)