Bea is an Undead Plague Zombie, and Az’kerash's 3rd Chosen.


She looks almost humanoid, but she has no face, with no features. Her body is rotted flesh, green in places, purple and blue and black in others. She has pallid hands.[2]



One or two days after Az'kerash created Oom he brought Bea into being, which made her the third-oldest of the Chosen.[3]


Powers and Abilities

Bea is next to Ijvani the other mage amongst Az'kerash's Chosen.[4] She possesses plague abilities that make her especially useful to Az'kerash, as they allow her to harvest entire pods without damaging the victims' bodies.[5]




  • Even in the cold, she rots, giving off a putrid stench.[2]
  • She had been the closest to Oom.[3]
  • While Bea wasn’t first of the Chosen, she often got away with infractions Venitra, Kerash, Ijvani, and Oom did not.[6]
  • Unlike Toren, Bea is incapable of leveling, which goes for all Chosen.[6]


  • (To Intruders) “I am Bea. Am I not beautiful?”
  • (To Az’kerash) “He’s still standing, master! He shouldn’t be—he should be dead by now!”
  • (To Az’kerash) “Master. I am sorry I failed you. I am sorry. But I miss Oom.”


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