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Beastkin are one of the races of Innworld. They are mostly found on Baleros and Chandrar.


Beastkin does not refer to one specific people but a set of tribes known collectively as Beastkin. Each tribe takes traits from a specific animal, such as Cat Beastkin or Rabbit Beastkin. Scattered and relatively sparse, the Beastkin are a rare species but generally acclimate to any lands they find themselves in. They also tend to have interesting relationships with animals given their heritage. A Rabbit Beastkin is wary of cats for instance, and will generally save innocent bunnies by beating up any predators on the prowl.[1]

The Beastkin that are on Izril, don't live in one area of the continent, but are spread around the southern half and can be mainly found among the Gnoll Tribes than in Drake settlements.[2]


They are known to be peaceful and easy to work with.

Known Beastkin Tribes[]

  • Cat Tribe - Cat
  • Dog-Tribe - Dog[3]
  • Duskclaw Tribe - Jackal
  • Long Ear Tribe - Rabbit
  • Rhinoceros Tribe - Rhino[4]
  • Squirrel Tribe - Squirrel
  • ? - Bear
  • ? - Fox
  • ? - Owl


  • They originate from a continent to the east of Izril.[2]
  • Just like Gnolls, Beastkin make great pet owners, since they establish themselves as pack leaders easily.[5]
  • Except for Hawk, the rest of the Long Ear Tribe live only in a few regions in Baleros.[1]
  • The Cat and Dog-Beastkin are known to fight each other. Still, they do not fight as often as City Drakes and Plains Gnolls.[6]