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Beatica is/was a member of Lancrel’s Council, before their city was sacked by a Goblin Tribe. Now she lives in Riverfarm. There she was trying to replace the current ruling order until Emperor Laken returned.




Beatica lived in Lancrel, were she was a [Councilwoman] for over 20 years.[1]


Beatice was the foremost leader of the dissatisfied "townfolk" that had assembled in Riverfarm. Together with [Mayor] Rodivek from Hewlat, she argued for better treatment for the displaced citizens and not to be divided into the various [Laborer] works available around Riverfarm. Their protests didn't sit well with [Steward] Prost and [Lady]] Rie.[2][1] She also didn't mix well with other villagers, like Ram and Helm, on various occasions.

She argued fervently in favor of a lengthy process to prove the innocence of the [Councilman]-[Thief] Elmmet, claiming that the Truth Stone of Prost couldn't possibly prove anything.[3] Her camp convinced the villager-woman Rehanna that the [Witch]-[General] Wiskeria was up to no good and spoke out against Mavika when she punished Rehanna harshly for destroying Wiskeria's good-will soup.[4] She continued to take a clear anti-Witch position and with some other townsfolk confronted [Stitch Witch] Belavierr for striking a deal with Rehanna. Belavierr responded with undressing all people around her.[5]

Beatica sponsored alcoholic beverages for the townsfolk, which ensured that they continued to listen to her. During the Witch and Fire Crisis in Riverfarm, she and Rodivek diverged manpower and resources into crafting makeshift boats to lead the townsfolk along the river to safety from the firestorm. Two thirds of the people who went that way perished, Rodivek along with them.[6]

Beatica survived that desaster, but her hopes of returning to a high station evaporated when Emperor Laken Godart returned to Riverfarm and dismissed her presumptions. He allowed [Lady] Rie to select Miss Beatica as a member of the negotiators and diplomats that would swarm out of Riverfarm and spread its goodwill - with the implication that Beatica would receive a mission as far away from Riverfarm as possible.[7]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Councilwoman] Lv. ?[1]


  • [Uninterrupted Monologue]



  • (To Rie) “Councilwoman, please, Lady Rie. I didn’t give up my class when I left my city. And I consider myself in charge of my people, even though we have lost our home.”