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Bein Terland is a Human [Lord] of Northern Izril.




He is a member of an offshoot branch of the Terland Family and not yet a full [Lord] (that would be his father).[1] This probably means that Bein is unlikely to ever being in control of all Terland assets, but still important enough to warrant attention among the Nobility.

Lord Bein used to secretly woo for the hands of the rich [Lady]-[Dowager] Hetessana Wellfar, until he met the beautiful [Lady] Dealia Zolde and fell in love with her - this was briefly considered a love story for the ages, despite the idea that a minor [Lord] from one of the Five Families would deign to marry one of the ten most-eligible [Ladies] of Izril, was considered scandalous in the 'right' circles.[1]


The relationship between Hetessana Wellfar and Bein Terland had not been a public one, but despite Hetessana not keeping up with gossip, she eventually learned of his public engagement with Dealia - and while she was in bed with Bein, and with him trying to convince her that he had no other choice but stay engaged with Dealia. After chasing her unfaithful lover out of the bedroom, Hetessana went her way to undermine Bein's reputation, by sending [Lord] Bein's Terland amulet to Dealia, thus proving her claims of having been intimate with the young Lord.[1]

The [Lordling] himself tried to intercept the [Runners] (three famous Couriers: Hawk, Tritel and Salamani) on the second part of the delivery from Invrisil to the Zolde estates, after he had already intimidated the equally famous [Courier], Lacel on the first part of the delivery. His whole attempt to suppress the scandal was doomed both for the competence of the Runner's Guild, and for the publicity it gained when the chase was broadcast worldwide by Wistram. House Zolde then voided the engagement and announced further revenge on the Terland [Lord].[2]

The Terland-Wellfar-Zolde love triangle was considered Breaking News by Wistram channels.[3]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Lord] Lv. ?



  • Lord Bein was unable to attend private meetings after his affair became public.[4]


  • (To Hetessana) “One can’t just call off an engagement, Hetessana. My hand was forced. I tried to talk my father out of it—”
  • (To Hetessana) “Say what you will! I’ll deny everything! This was nothing more than a—a mistake! And I promised you nothing in truth!”
  • (To the three Couriers) “By the House of Terland, I order you to halt and turn over my—turn over your illegal cargo! If you resist, my men will use force!”