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Bekia is a Gnoll [Maid] in service of Lady Magnolia.


She is over 6 feet tall.[1]


TBA From Chapter 6.27 M + Chapter 6.68


Not much is known about her past other that years ago she used to be the [Chieftain] of the Longclaw tribe, which was censured by the other Gnoll tribes for being [Raiders][2], before she got in some trouble and then kicked out. She would then end up as a [Maid] in the service of Magnolia Reinhart[3] were she continue to serve her in the fallowing years.[4]


Ryoka recalled that when she was staying at Magnolia's mansion and was intruding around, she was stopped by the servants, in particular an intimidating Gnoll maid.[5]


TBA From Chapter 4.38 B


TBA From Chapter 4.44 M


Bekia was one of the [Maids] coaching Phesofi in Magnolia's estate near Invrisil when the latter was new in Magnolia's employ.[1]

Bekia was babysitting the Earthworlders in Laiss when Ryoka visited them and the mansion was attacked by [Assassins].[3]


TBA From Chapter 8.43


TBA From Chapter 8.45 O


Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Maid] Lv. ?
  • [Chieftain] Lv. ?



  • She was mentioned for the first time as the intimidating Gnoll maid in Chapter 3.35.
  • She cooks wonderful meat dishes. Another advantage of having her as a housekeeper is that she proved excellent at sniffing out rot, pests, and intruders.[6]
  • She does shed fur, which speaks against her as a housekeeper. But Humans smell - so no one’s perfect.[6]


  • To Mavi:
    • “Better you don’t. The [Gardener] regards his flowers like people. Pick a flower and he’ll pick you.”
    • “We will be friends, then! And you will do fine. Most new staff have a terrible first week. But the ones who stay, they do well. And you will stay, I think. You would not be hired if you were not promising.”
  • (To Ryoka) “Oh yes. I was for a while. But I got in trouble, yes? Got kicked out—came here. Being a [Maid] is rather fun. Relaxing. But I miss fighting. We had sparring matches in my tribe.”