Belavierr, the Stitch Witch, is a powerful witch and Wiskeria's foster mother.

Appearance Edit

Belavierr is tall, taller even than Ryoka, and has long hair. Her eyes are filled with multiple orange glowing irises, each one smaller and smaller, disappearing into the center of her eyes.

She wears a pointed hat wide enough to cast her entire body into shade. It is dark blue as the depths of the ocean. Her body is covered with a very dark ornamented robe that is long and draping. She has black wrapping around her hands, making only the skin on her face visible.

She speaks in a deep, quiet voice with a subtle echo to it.

Her face shows no expression, and when she does try, like smiling slightly due to seeing her daughter, it comes across as awkward, and then quickly vanishes.[1]

Personality Edit

While she keeps being polite, she doesn't seem to be interested in other people. Even when she sees the ground filled with dead people, she is completely unfazed by it, as though they are no different than leaves. [1]

Background Edit

Belavierr is a wanted criminal. Amongst her charges are: Murder. Kidnapping. Torture. Injury of a royal. Unlawful use of dark magic. Theft. Murder of a child. Extortion. Murder of a [Knight]. Murder of a [Guardsman]. Destruction of a city. Mass murder. Mutilation. Murder of a [Prince]. Freeing imprisoned slaves. Murder of a [Slaver]. Murder of a [Mage]. Seduction of a [Prince] (unconfirmed). Destruction of a village (uncomfirmed) and mass murder via hanging. Summoning of an unknown; mass deaths by unknown. Creation of monsters. Bribery, and so forth.

Chronology Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Despite the fact that it has yet to be revealed how powerful she is, Ryoka noticed how similar the feeling she got from her was to being in the presence of Ivolethe, Teriarch or Az'kerash, something beyond human, implying her to be anything but weak.[1]

The shadows move slowly around her.

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Stitch Witch] Lv. ?[2]

Skills: Edit

  • [Immortal Moment]
  • [String of Fate]

Spells: Edit

Trivia Edit

  • As a result of her crimes, she is currently being pursued by the Guild of Hunters and the Order of Seasons, and currently has a bounty of 18,000 total gold pieces in Terandria, 20,000 pieces by the Slavers of Roshal and 3,000 gold by Wistram.[3]
    • After killed a team of elite [Hunters] and a [Knight][4] that are equivalent to a Named-rank team and a Named Adventurer, her max bounty has excessed 60,000 gold pieces.[5]
  • At some point in the past she visited Riverfarm when it was still located else where.[1]
  • She rides a gigantic, saddleless black stallion, one that could put a warhorse to shame; though she is tall enough to effortlessly mount it.[1]
  • Belavierr is old enough to have lived through 3 times the Circle of Thorns caused chaos.[2]
  • Belavierr remembered a time where she hoarded Sage's Grass for the power of it.[6] This might imply that she is not just centuries[7] but millennia old, given that Wiskeria explained to Durene that the grass was still very rare 5,000 years ago.[8]
  • The last time she leveled the system granted her [Immortal Moment].[9]
  • Az'kerash owes her a favour.[10]

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