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Chandrar Detail Map.png
Detail Map of northeastern Chandrar (Artistic rendition), Belchan is in the northern part

Belchan is a nation of northeastern Chandrar.


Belchan lies more than 2 weeks of travel north of Reim, Germina and Hellios, west of Jecrass, south of Medain and southeast of the Claiven Earth.

It is nation more fruitful and richer in water than Reim. Also, it's home to one of the [Mage] schools of Chandrar, important but not nearly as famous as Wistram in this function.[1]

Besides other natural resources, Belchan has a small gold mine.[2]


Belchan is a Republic and democracy with a parliament, consisting of several small and large parties. Current ruler is [Prime Minister] Lyfelt.

They employ good relations to [King] Raelt of Jecrass, and communication between their nations are done via enchanted busts of each other. In fact, the relationship to Jecrass is so well that Belchan serves as Jecrass' proxy for fast diplomatic responses.[2]


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