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Belchaus Meron, mostly known as the Lord of the Dance, is a famous Lord in Terandria.[1]


He has clear, light blue eyes, almost like glass.[2]


Lord Belchaus has a very energetic personality and is excitable. enjoys mingling, willing to converse with anyone and everyone. However, he is unable to restrain himself in that regard, and thus can utterly exhaust himself in a social setting. He dislikes letting his friends down or upsetting him.

In the face of approaching enemies, he is merciless and won't hesitate to attack.


Lord Belchaus has held Terandria against foreign fleets for over a decade and his presence alone ensures that the coast where his fleets patrol remains safe harbors even in wars.[3] Even [Pirates] fear his naval presence.[4]

He is an amazing strategist who communicated anonymously for a time with Niers, and, due to his perfumed letters, caused Niers to fall in love thinking he was a woman.[5]

He is known as one of the top five most powerful [Lords] in Innworld,[3] even the "best" [Lord] according to the list compiled by Krsysl Wordsmith. He is also considered "most eligible bachelor".[6]


His dance-off against the Order of Savellia was telewizardized by Wistram but apparently cut short after homophobic viewers watched him dancing with a male partner. It became very clear in that show that Lord Belchaus studied Earth dancing styles[6] (they come from watching the Queen of Pop performance).[7]


TBA From Interlude – The Gecko of Illusions


TBA From Chapter 8.15


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TBA From Chapter 8.24


Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Lord of the Dance] Lv. ? (Likely 40+)


  • [Change the Flow]
  • [Feel the Rhythm]
  • [???] - He has very good control over his body movement and has a skill to hasten up his footwork.
  • [???] - He can effortlessly and gracefully hoist a younger armored person wearing plate armor in a classic ballroom move, as if he were as light as a [Lady] in a dress.[6]


  • While his title was referred to for the first time in Ch 5.26 L, his name was revealed in Ch 6.68.
  • While he is one of the top five most powerful [Lords] in Innworld, he topple the lists for both eligibility and strategic genius.[3]
  • Lyonette has seen him dancing once.[8]
  • Niers considers him a strategic genius.[5]
  • He is probably the "dashing and quite charming lord" mentioned by Magnolia who may be able to beat Erin in a game of chess.[9]
  • Although disputed, Krsysl Wordsmith ranks him as the best [Lord] in the World.[6]
  • He is currently single.[6]


  • (To Ailendamus' fleet) Nadel bows to no other nation. I am Lord Belchaus Meron. If you advance further, we will destroy your fleet.”