Belchaus Meron, mostly known as the Lord of the Dance, is a famous Lord in Terandria.[1]




Lord Belchaus has held Terandria against foreign fleets for over a decade and his presence alone ensures that the coast where his fleets patrol remains safe harbors even in wars.[2] Even [Pirates] fear his naval presence.[3]

He is an amazing strategist who communicated anonymously for a time with Niers, and, due to his perfumed letters, caused Niers to fall in love thinking he was a woman.[4]

He is known as one of the top five most powerful [Lords] in Innworld,[2] even the "best" [Lord] according to the list compiled by Krsysl Wordsmith. He is also considered "most eligible bachelor".[5]


His dance-off against the Order of Savellia was telewizardized by Wistram but apparently cut short after homophobic viewers watched him dancing with a male partner. It became very clear in that show that Lord Belchaus studied Earth dancing styles.[5]

Powers and Abilities


  • [Lord of the Dance] Lv. ?


He has very good control over his body movement and has a skill to hasten up his footwork.

He can also effortlessly and gracefully hoist a younger armored person wearing plate armor in a classic ballroom move, as if he were as light as a [Lady] in a dress.[5]


  • While his title was referred to for the first time in Ch 5.26 L, his name was revealed in Ch 6.68.
  • While he is one of the top five most powerful [Lords] in Innworld, he topple the lists for both eligibility and strategic genius.[2]
  • Lyonette has seen him dancing once.[6]
  • Niers considers him a strategic genius.[4]
  • He is probably the "dashing and quite charming lord" mentioned by Magnolia who may be able to beat Erin in a game of chess.[7]
  • Although disputed, Krsysl Wordsmith ranks him as the best [Lord] in the World.[5]
  • He is currently single.[5]


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