Belgrade is an Individual Worker Antinium, that belongs to Liscor's Antinium Hive and a member of Erin's Chess Club.

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Personality Edit

Belgrade is very cautious and tactical when it comes to both chess and battle. He prefers employing strategies where he knows he will win and that has created an enjoyment of creating, building, and improving traps.

Due to his trauma of nearly drowned, when the rainy season of spring begins, he starts to rock back and forth, and repeat the words "Oh no" anxiously.[1]

Background Edit

Two years ago, during the rainy season of spring, he nearly drowned when water burst through the tunnel he was in. He only survived by holding his breath until the water could be drained from the tunnel he was trapped in. This experience left him traumatized to the point that he does not do well during the rainy season.[1]

Chronology Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Trap Tactician][2] Lv. 20+ (derived from [Tactician])

Skills: Edit

  • [Basic Fortification Construction]
  • [Battlefield Eye]
  • [Simple Trap Construction]
  •  ??? - Skills suitable for static defenses.

Equipment Edit

  • Locket of Mirror Images[3]

Trivia Edit

  • Belgrade is one of the four Individual Worker survivors of the battle against Skinner and the undead.[4]
  • He sufferers of Aquaphobia - a persistent and abnormal fear of water.[1]
  • Belgrade attends Pawn's sermons sometimes, but he does not pray.
  • As of Ch 6.29, Belgrade has lost 6,723 Workers in engagements under his command. Among does numbers, 400 of them were killed by a Snatcher.
  • His name is same as the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, where a number of important chess games were played. Belgrade probably named himself after the risky but leverageable Belgrade Gambit, since Erin taught the Antinium many chess openings.

Quotes Edit

  • (To Pawn) “I must rest if I am to fight at peak efficiency. Pawn, you must promise me to stay behind your Soldiers. If you die…I would not know how to speak to Erin.”
  • (To Anand) “While I appreciate the gesture and am very emotional Anand, I do not seem to have acquired the ‘warm and fuzzy’ feelings that Erin spoke of.”
  • (To himself) “Oh dear. This could be problematic.”
  • (To Pawn) “They are not, Pawn. They are Autonomous. Or regular Soldiers and Workers. They are not you. I have grown used to losing them. I could not bear to lose you. So. Do not die, please.”
  • (To Liscorian Citizens) “Excuse me. Stand back, please. We are going to begin construction in this area. Anyone in this area may suffer the risk of death. Thank you.”
  • (To Octavia) “Well, in my hypothetical breaching scenario, you are already dead, Miss Cotton. The invaders would have breached your shop and you would have put up a valiant defense.”

References Edit

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