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Belsc is one of Liscor's guardsmen. He is the second Drake Erin had ever met, after Relc.


Belsc is a big Drake with pale yellow scales, which reminded Erin of popcorn.[1]


He wasn't overly friendly towards Erin, but not completely without compassion. He wisely didn't bother her when she was in a bad mood; and when he saw Erin was shocked and throwing up after Klbkch's death, he handed her a water bottle.[2]


Belsc was on watch duty on Liscor's western gate,[3] where he met Erin who visited Liscor for the first time.[1] He later told his fellow guardsman of his encounter with her, describing her as really annoying as she talked too much.[3]

His name was revealed in Ch 1.14. He later appeared in some more chapters, but was eventually no longer mentioned.[2]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Guardsman] Lv. ?


  • (To Erin) “Go on in, Human. Anyone can enter the city.”
  • (To himself) “Humans.