Bevussa Slenderscale is a Garuda and the secret leader of the Gold-rank team The Wings of Pallass that consists, aside from her, of winged Oldblood Drakes. Despite being actually the captain of the group, Bevussa keeps this to herself and makes one of her team members pose as the leader.

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Being a Garuda, Bevussa has a beak instead of a mouth. Her body is covered with spring green feathers with white and slightly pink ones patterning down her limbs. Similar to Gnolls, she only wears few clothes, just enough for modesty.[1]

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  • [Dangersense]
  • [Gale Wings]

Equipment Edit

  • Shortsword[1]
  • Bag of holding

Trivia Edit

  • Bevussa was abandoned when she was still a baby, leading to her being adopted by Drakes living in Pallass, hence her last name.[1]
  • Klbkch needed to explain to Bird what a Garuda was and why he was not allowed to talk about shooting Bevussa or any of the Drakes with wings.[1]


Quotes Edit

  • (To Team member) “Why’s that Antinium staring at me?”
  • (To Erin) “Uh, Erin? Your Antinium Worker is saying hi to me. And he’s asking if I’m a bird.”
  • (To Bird) “It’s yours. Think of it as a memento. From one lover of the skies to another. Keep your other feathers. I uh, don’t want them.”
  • (To Bird) “Hit us? Why would you—oh. They think you’ll shoot me because I’ve got wings! Because…I’m a bird? Oh, come on!”
  • (To Bird) “Are you sure? Ants walk around and they have carapaces. And just so you know…I have been known to snack on ants.”
  • (To Keldrass) “Hah. Named Adventurer? I’ll eat my tail if that’s the case. Er, wings. I’m going to catch her before she runs off. You in?”

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