Beycalt Newman is the current [Construction Supervisor] of Riverfarm.

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She is a former Street Runner, but that was long ago.[1]

Her man died in the battle of Riverfarm's Army at Lancrel.[2]

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Her career in construction in Riverfarm started as a [Builder], when she was placed in charge of a group of other workers as a [Forewoman]. She was intimidated by Durene's strength, but then decided to get to know her.[2]

As a hard working woman, she was against pausing her work in the rain[3].

During Elmmet's trial, she was part of the crowd that was in favor of the death penalty for him.[4]

She was later seen at ease with Hedag, drinking with her and other construction workers, and even challenging the bigger woman to an arm-wrestling competition. She also had the courage to face Belavierr, together with Prost and other representatives of Riverfarm.[5]

To her surprise, she was singled out by Emperor Laken to become [Construction Supervisor], with the authority to appoint Foremen and Forewomen as she wished. This was meant to relieve pressure from Prost and Laken himself.[6]

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  • [Construction Supervisor] Lv. ?[6]
  • [Builder] Lv. ?[2]
  • [Forewoman] Lv. ?[2]

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