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Bird is an Individual Worker Antinium who was formerly a part of Liscor's Antinium Hive. He currently resides at The Wandering Inn as security.


He has a red feather hanging from a simple cord around his neck.[2]


Bird is considered "weird" even by the other Antinium. His defining trait is his obsession with all types of birds, which manifests in hunting and eating them. He loves to hunt and oftens tries to challenge himself. As such, his archery ability is almost unparalleled, being able to accurately hit his target from hundreds of feet away.[3] Bird has a child-like nature, often singing nonsense songs, and overall is shown to be uncomplicated and innocent in his desires and wants, perfectly content with living at the inn and hunting birds.

While Bird is straightforward in his words and actions, he often fails to see the potential consequences that can occur. For instance, he almost killed Halrac by shooting at him in a stand-off, assuming that Halrac wouldn't die because he was a Gold-rank adventurer and went into shock when he realized that he actually almost killing him.[4] Another time, he bluffed to Pallass about being a Prognugator and declared war, almost starting the Third Antinium War.[5]

He is one of the few Antinium alongside Crusader 51 to have a telepathy skill which enables them to create or listen into a Unitasis Network. The Free Queen once told him to leave the Hive and never return as otherwise she would slay and dissect him to figure out how exactly he was able to hear the Unitasis Network.[6][7]


Bird was one of the members of Erin Solstice's chess club who became Individual, the ability to think and act by themselves. He helped defend the inn from Skinner and undead, and was one of four survivors.


Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Bird Hunter] Lv. ?[8] (30+)
    • Derived from [Hunter][9]
  • [Liar] Lv. 7
  • [Revalantor] Lv. 4
  • [Singer] Lv. 7[10]
  • [Tactician] Lv. 8[11]


  • [Antinium Telepathy (Weak)]
  • [Convincing Lies]
  • [Eagle Eyes]
  • [Homing Shot]
  • [Long Range Shot]
  • [Lure Song]
  • [Marionette’s Imitation]
  • [Piercing Shot]
  • [Prey Sense]
  • [Ricochet Arrow]
  • [Soothing Melody]
  • [Unitasis Network]

(For Leveling History see Here)


Current Equipment[]

  • Crude Bow
  • Reflexed Composite Bow[10]

Previous Equipment[]

  • Recurve Yew Bow[12] (Broken during the Face-Eater Moths attack.)[13]


  • In Interlude – Bird, his age and birthday was revealed
  • Bird is one of the four survivors of the battle against Skinner and the undead.[14]
  • Bird is considered weird. Even Pawn, Anand, Belgrade and Garry think and agree of Bird’s weirdness.[15]
  • Erin calls his chess games the ‘weirdest games she’d ever played’.[16] He attempts to shape the game so that the pieces form bird pictures, instead of aiming for the victory at all times. This occasionally leads to him defeating Erin.
  • He chose to be called Bird because he likes birds and because of Henry Edward Bird, who invented the Bird's Opening and Bird's Defense in Chess.[1]
  • After hearing stories about Erin's world, Bird dreams of meeting Batman, or Hawkman, or an airplane.[17]