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Bismarck is a Mossbear and Laken Godart's pet.

He is somewhere around 3 meters tall while standing on his hind legs.

Laken riding on Bismarck

Appearance, Behaviour, Diet[]

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Bismarck is three times as large as a black bear.[1] (That is most probably body mass, not straight size)


In the winter when Laken arrived in Riverfarm, Wiskeria shaved a bit fur from a Mossbear to be able to summon it,[2] and thus awakened it from it's winter rest. He was three times larger than the human warriors who tried to repel him. Laken had to use his authority both as a [Beast Tamer] and as [Emperor] to turn him away from the village.[3] Since he was already awakened and thus wouldn't go back to deep sleep, Laken tried to tame the Mossbear.[4] The Mossbear also helped repelling the Goblin attack ten days later.[5]

Two weeks after the Mossbear had woken up for the first time, Laken used him as his mount regularly. The bear had understood that he wasn't supposed to harm Laken's subjects, but he also understood when he was supposed to attack invading goblins. He was now used to being around people and especially friendly to Durene[6], who is actually stronger than the bear, which Laken named Bismarck one month after he had attacked his village for the first time.[7]

Laken considered him not to be the most comfortable mount to begin with and thought about needing a saddle.[7] Such a saddle was made within four days despite Laken's protest that this was not a priority issue. Then, Laken used Bismarck as his mobile throne to greet the nobles. Bethal Walchaís was especially delighted.[8]

Bismarck got an outdoor den in Durene's garden, although he broke into the woodshed and the root cellar as alternative dwellings.[9] Durene could activate him to make several long-distance supply runs where Bismarck pulled a wagon.[10]