The Blacksky Riders, mostly called Darksky Riders, are the Cavalry force of the Unseen Empire.

Chronology Edit

After the battle near the estate of [Lady] Rie Valerund, [Emperor] Laken gained an imperial unit Skill: [Empire: Blacksky Riders]. The adventurer company of the Windfrozen Riders under command of Beniar had been Laken's cavalry force up to that point and also participated in that same battle. This skill allowed Laken to promote Beniar as the [Captain] of this new unit.[1]

After having used this unit to beat off [Bandit] and Goblin attacks,[2] Laken deployed the Blacksky Riders to assist Wiskeria in her night-time gas attack to hobble Rags' Goblin army.[3] The smell-sensing Carn Wolves and Rags' gem of fear turned out to equalize the combat however.[4]

After that war, while Laken was absent, the Darksky Riders were the mounted forces of Riverfarm, keeping order in the region as good as they could against an influx of [Bandits].[5] Among [Bandits], they became infamous for their surprise attacks,[6] although Ryoka Griffin considered their force as too weak to patrol the area effectively.[7] As Laken finally returned, he promised to enlarge their ranks again and reward their service.[8]

Abilities Edit

The Skill allows a group of chosen riders and their mounts to see in darkness. Combined with the ability to create such darkness (or in broad daylight, dampen that light to obscure maneuvres), this allows that cavalry group to become night ambushers who can attack in the darkness with ease.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • The powerful Skill led to rumors that the people of the Unseen Empire don’t need eyes to see, like their [Emperor].[2]
  • In Volumes 4 and 5, the name was "Blacksky Riders". The only chapter in Volume 6 when that old name was used, was Chapter 6.46 E, while the new name "Darksky Riders" was used consistently.

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