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Blaiseford, also called Blaiseford’s Lookout, is a human city in Izril, located in the Himalt Swamplands. It is home to the House of Malt.


Blaiseford on a map, to the east of Reizmelt (Artist's rendition)

Blaiseford is located in the same flat, fertile area where Reizmelt is also located, and it has very rich soil[1] thanks to the swamp that is slowly drained. The shortcut through the Swamplands is an eight hour run away from Reizmelt, but a longer road goes around the boggy area.[2]

Other known cities in the general area are Malmerra, Walta, Baepr; as are the towns of Enam and Ingli.

As Riverfarm is three days of hard running to the south of Walta, and at the same time southwest of Invrisil, it can be concluded that Blaiseford is definitely north from Invrisil, and possibly about 600 to 800 miles north of Liscor.


  • Elmheart's Road (street)[2]
  • Runner's Guild
  • Malt Mansion (largest house in the rich district, blue roof tiles)

Known Inhabitants[]

  • Lord Beilkit, House Malt. (Their personal seal has blue stripes on white painted wood and a little crest of a bird, drawn in red.)[2]
  • Greilm, Guard