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The Blighted Kingdom is a country in Rhir and is inhabited mostly by humans.


The Blighted Kingdom was founded after the end of the Creler Wars by some of its heroes, in order to prevent future calamities like it from leaving Rhir to devastate the world again.

The Blighted Kingdom has been at war with the Demon Kingdom for thousands of years, and although neither side is able to overwhelm the other, the Blighted Kingdom is slowly losing.[1]

The Blighted King intended to have a Fifth wall build, allowing the Kingdom to nearly double their available land and cripple the tide of monsters that harassed their exposed settlements. However, to do that he needed more powerful soldiers, hence he summoned the Heroes. To his dismay, though, they weren't powerful warrior as he wished them to be, thus put his plans for the time being on hold.[2]

The Blighted Kingdom is famous for its [Flesh Reaper] class, which are specialized [Butchers] that sell flesh of Demons.[3]



The Kingdom is protected by four giant stone walls twice the height of the Great Walls of China. The four walls are the ultimate defense for the Kingdom. They’re not just walls; there’s magical traps and artillery built into the wall, and they’re always manned by the best soldiers in the army. All monster attacks end at the wall, and the Kingdom behind it is relatively stable.

Sometimes things get through. In times of war, the Fourth, Third, and Second walls have been breached. But the First Wall has never fallen. Even the Demon King’s army never got past it.[4] However, they managed to bypass that wall by teleporting directly into the King's castle, in the first year after the [Heroes] were summoned.[5]

First Wall[]

The First Wall was erected about over 5000 years ago, at the same time as the capital, Paranfer, when the newest Blighted Kingdom was founded. 1st Wall today made of golden glowing crystals, 40 feet high, and warded with extremely powerful spells.[6]

Second Wall[]

The Second Wall lies in the center of a two mile wide death zone of cold wards that can freeze people to death within just a minute. Patrol paths in the zone are magically heated, but only within a rigid patrol schedule.[6]

Third Wall[]

Behind and near the Third Wall, there are breeding grounds for deer. Lord Hayvon's estates are located around there. The area beyond 3rd Wall regularly sees monsters, and Demon raids even cross 3rd Wall sometimes.[6]

Fourth Wall[]

Fourth Wall is an eighty feet high curtain-style wall made of grey stone, and wide as a regular fortress. It is possible and necessary to move troops on top of the battlements, in order to fend off entire war groups of demons who regularly attack the fortifications.

Commanding officers deployed here are through the bench paranoid. 4th Wall is currently under the command of Bastion General Quiteil, and has extremely large stockpiles of supplies.[6]

Fifth Wall[]

There is a Fifth Wall being under construction, a hundred miles further from the borders of the 4th Wall. It consists of a merely thirty feet high preliminary wall, but the actual wallworks is a 1000 feet deep moat protected by that preliminary wall, and still being shaped. The protective, preliminary construction is under constant attacks by demon siege and sappers who have damaged many parts of the barrier.[6] Once 5th Wall is finished, King Othius is resolved to move forward the front lines to a sixth wall, and so forth, until the Demon King is cornered in the last remaining part of Rhir.[6]

Until a recent attack by Demons under command of the Deathless of Magic, Fifth Wall was under Command of Bastion General Zavarial.[6]


Paranfer, the capital of the Blighted Kingdom, is under command of Citadel General Delken.[6]


Military Strength[]

Their adventurers and soldiers are some of the best the world’s seen.[7]



  • The first Blighted King was recorded to have reached level 80.