The current Blighted Queen is the third wife of Othius the Fourth and mother of Erille.

Appearance Edit

She is at most thirty years old, though her towering height makes her seem older.[1]

Personality Edit

The Blighted Queen is imperious and, like her husband, tends to keep her face expressionless.[2]

Background Edit

Despite the fact that she is a [Queen], her abilities as a ruler are practically non-existent. If Othius were to die, one of his daughters would likely replace him than the queen.[3]

Chronology Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

The Blighted Queen is a powerful combatant and uses a mace with deadly effect.[3]

Classes/Levels Edit

  • [Queen]

Former Classes Edit

  • [Warrior]

Skills Edit

Equipment Edit

  • Long mace that is black like obsidian.[4]

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References Edit

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