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StoneEdgeGod StoneEdgeGod 2 November 2021


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Onyavar Onyavar 2 October 2020

Fandom migration

So, I'm just (mis)using this rarely used feature to try to start a discussion on the wiki's migration.

I haven't found all issues yet, but was put off by the new looks of the The gallery was fine before, but now the images are no longer cut (to just show the central square of vertical/horizontal rectangled images) and the captions within the pictures are unreadable. This may be because there are now more options in how to style galleries. I really miss a proper gallery style editor: the old one was decent but is now GONE.

I'm missing very much the "mobile preview" that allowed me to see how a change would affect mobile users who are an important readership base for our wiki. On the other hand, "recent changes" are now a standard option like …

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Ubiquitous Omnipresent Entity Ubiquitous Omnipresent Entity 21 September 2019

Why does nobody use this?

Is there any reason nobody uses this? Do we have rules already in place for the blog? Do we need to make rules? Just wanting to know.

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