The Blood Fields is the name of an area located in Izril.

Overview Edit

The Blood Fields is an area not far from Liscor that is the home of many undeads, spanning from minor to highly dangerous ones.

It is a battlefield which transformed the whole landscape, due to the massive of bloods that had been spilled there. As a result of that, Blood Grass has started growing there, drinking blood and eating people, if they are not careful.[1]

Geography Edit

When Ryoka ran past Liscor to find Az'kerash in the Blood Fields, on the third day she ascended an elevation that can be understood to be the southern border of the flood plains. On the fourth day, she encountered the first curiously red plants, and the blood fields: The Blood Grass covers a vast, flat plains that is wholly red.

Blood Grass Edit

Some kind of rooted moss infests the soil at the border of the Fields. Further into the Blood Fields, it sprouts to red grass that develops stalks and leaves pointing towards the sky. These stalks resemble strange fungi, or hands, making the landscape seem otherworldly and hellish. The end-stage evolution of these plants are tall, twisted structures vaguely resembling trees. These thin, mangled plants have no bark and they stand alone, like sentinels.[2]

The plants aren't dangerous to touch most of the time; in a skin test Ryoka didn't get any reaction from them. She surmised that it was the late-season cold that rendered the plants inactive.[2] After hibernating in the winter, these plants are more dangerous in the spring, when the Blood Fields are blossoming.

Locations Edit

  • Az’kerash's Castle

Trivia Edit

  • The Blood Fields are one of few places were the dead do not seem to rise or disappear.[2]
  • Around 10 years ago, the Goblin King was defeated in the Blood Fields.[1]

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