The Bloodfeast Raiders are a highly feared group of [Bandits] in Northern Izril.

So far, they have only been mentioned in passing.

Background/Trivia Edit

  • Bloodfeast Raiders were sighted in the Himalt Swamplands two months before Ryoka made the run to Blaiseford, before they moved away.[1]
  • Villages they plunder tend to be left in ashes.[2]
  • The bounty for a complete destruction of the Bloodfeast Riders is 400'000 gold pieces. Up to 80'000 gold are paid for credible information about their whereabouts or their members. 20'000 gold are paid per head for their members.[3]
  • They are not pleased when they are crossed or imitated.[4]
  • The Bloodfeast Raiders are world-famous and defined the image people have when thinking about Izril.[5]
  • Some criminal records of the Raiders are shorter than Belavierr's. Whether those records would be complete, is another question.[6] The lists of atrocities are about the same level as those of Az’kerash and the Circle of Thorns, as well.[7]
  • Erin's non-canonical Guestbook tells some stories about the types of people who are involved in the Bloodfeast Raider businesss. Also, that guestbook details a battle of three Gold-rank Adventurer Teams whose six mages managed to kill five members of the Raiders in a joint operation.

Since they are feared and infamously known in all human lands of Izril, it is possible that they are not a single group, but rather a large, distributed organization of criminal cavalry.

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