The Bloodfields is the name of an area located in Izril.

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The Bloodfields is an area not far from Liscor that is the home of many dangers. While the area can be considered mostly harmless in late autumn and winter, it blooms in spring and is a Gold-rank threat over the whole summer.

It is a battlefield which transformed the whole landscape, due to the massive of bloods that had been spilled there. As a result of that, Blood Grass has started growing there, drinking blood and eating people, if they are not careful.[1]

Geography Edit

When Ryoka ran past Liscor to find Az'kerash in the Bloodfields, on the third day she ascended an elevation that can be understood to be the southern border of the flood plains. On the fourth day, she encountered the first curiously red plants, and the blood fields: The Blood Grass covers a vast, flat plains that is wholly red.

Some close edges of the Bloodfields to Liscor are approximately 90 miles south of the city.[2]

Natural Dangers Edit

The Bloodfields are one of few places were the dead do not seem to rise or where they disappear.[3] This has probably to do with the fact that they are consumed and their Mana is flowing to the plants and creatures of the Bloodfields instead of remaining in the corpses.

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