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The Bloodtear Pirates are one of the most feared and dangerous Pirates navies on the seas, who flew under one flag and slaughtered their foes.

Their Jolly Roger/Skull Mark flag consists of a black flag, with a skull that was bleeding from one eye socket.[1]


They considered crazy madpeople of the sea, even for [Pirates]. They famous for slaughtering opponents, and taking no prisoners, even when asked. Dispite being merciless fighters, they do keep their word, but they give no quarter.[2] They also loved display of courage[3] and admired those who did the impossible.[4]

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Nursery Rhyme[]

A song that is half-chant, and half-Skill.[5]

Verse 1:[]

We sailed under flags of no quarter. We took no prisoners.”

“A storm at our backs. Blood in the water, blood in the sky.

Verse 2:[]

“The bodies filled the decks. We fought until we died.”

“No mercy, no regrets, aye.”

Ships and Members[]

Known Ships and Crew Members:[]


  • Jiupe / Screamtouch Jiupe - Drowned Woman Jellyfish [Captain]
  • Roisere - Dullahan [Pirate]


A Gnoll-crewed ship, by and large.

  • Aldrail - Gnoll [Captain]
  • Gorry - Gnoll [First Mate] & [Dualblade Marauder]


  • Ereiyne / Shipbreaker - Selphid [Captain]


  • They were mentioned for the first time in Chapter 6.33 E.
  • They have a standing objection to the Bloodfeast Raiders because they had taking their name, and even outstripped them in fame.[6]