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[Boon of the Princess] is a Boon Skill that bestow Temporary Skills to someone else.

Skill Obtaining[]

In order for someone to obtain this Boom Skill, they mast fulfil specific unknown conditions. While not confirmed some of these conditions maybe:

  • Having a [Princess] or similar Class.
  • Being moderately high leveled, like Level 20.

Skill Effects and Capabilities[]


  • Bestow the recipient 1 to 2 Temporary Skills depending on their Class and Levels.
  • There is no time limit, nor need to be a set distance form the User, for the bestowed recipient to lose the Boom Skill effect.[1]
  • The User does not need to be close to recipient to bestow it, or cancel the Boon Skill.[1]

Other Effects[]

It is shown that when Lyonette bestowed it, a mark of her royal house appear visible to the recipient and Lyonette, and possibly other royals if it worked like her father’s Boom Skill.[1] It is currently unknown if other Users will have a mark appear visible to the recipient and them.

While not confirmed it is presumed that one of the 2 Temporary Skills bestowed are influenced by what the User wishes for the recipient to have.


  • The User can only give this [Boom] Skill to only one person at a time.[1]
  • The Boom Skill has no effect on individuals who are not part of the Leveling System, like those who choose to be Classless.[2]
  • If the recipient is of a higher Level than the User, than they will only get 1 Temporary Skill.

Notable Known Users[]

Skill Usage[]

List of all the Chapters, Boom Skill User, the Recipient Individuals and the Temporary Skills bestow.

Chapter User Recipient Temporary Skills
7.23 LM Lyonette du Marquin Mrsha [Barkfur obtained]
[Lesser Strength obtained]
Meetings and Friendships Lyonette du Marquin Octavia Cotton [Lesser Wisdom]
[Fungoid Harvester]
Meetings and Friendships Lyonette du Marquin Numbtoungue [Directional Sound obtained]
[Soul’s Armaments: Mundane obtained]
8.45 O Lyonette du Marquin Wilovan [He Scratched Only Thread]
8.74 DR Lyonette du Marquin Rabbiteater [Radiance of the Dawn]
[Might of the Homeland]