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Briganda Rishaw is a Gold-rank Adventurer, and one of the original founders of Griffon Hunt. By the time the story starts she had already left the team but she rejoins it in Volume 7.


She has a stocky build body with scars and brown hair with violet mixed in—a hereditary trait from some magic in her ancestry.[1]


Briganda has a bold and straightforward personality, which also reflects her fighting style. Her manner of speaking is similarly blunt and to-the-point. She is very friendly and boisterous, and often expresses affection physically, whether it be hugging or punching. She rarely hesitates on decisions. Briganda can be oblivious at times, such as walking into a trap that her teammate set up or failing to notice her own pregnancy for months. She is very motherly and prioritizes her son Cade above all else.[2]



Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Shield Maiden] Lv. 34[3]


  • [Block Charge]
  • [Dangersense]
  • [Magicguard Block]
  • [Mother’s Flight]
  • [Shield Wall]


  • Enchanted Hatchet
  • Enchanted Buckler
  • Belt of Strength[4]


  • Her Surname was revealed in Ch 7.40 ER.
  • She suffers from motion-sickness.[5]
  • One time, she accidentally activated a [Firestorm] scroll and burned down Griffon Hunt's camp and half a forest.[6]


  • (To Halrac) “You bastard! Whoops, don’t repeat that, Cade. That’s the Halrac I know. Stone-faced and soft as an unboiled egg on the inside. Wish you’d been the father, or Ulrien. Pretty glad it wasn’t Elm. Cassielle? Eh. I’d live with the half-Elf.”
  • (To Cade) “It’s good news, Cade. The best. I’m joining up with my old team. My friends. Do you remember them?”
  • (To Revi) “Revi, you’re blabbering. So these are the famous Horns? Hey there. Where’s the fellow with the nose problem, Revi?”
  • (To Halrac) “Halrac the Grim! More like ‘Halrac the Softie’! Hah! Wait till I tell Elm and Cassielle about this!
  • (To her team and Cade) “I really like it here. Right, Cade?”
  • (To Ryoka) “Good on you getting the Drakes, though. Don’t mess with the same species, I say. Experiment! Plus—you can get pregnant in the same lane. Not that I don’t love my boy, but I’m careful not to get another!”
  • (To teammates) “You’re that worried about Goblins? Look, I know you went to that inn, but how much did being in Liscor change you all? Did you all hit your heads? Or did someone replace Revi’s brain?”
  • (To teammates) “…You’re lying. Halrac, that can’t be true. Hey, Halrac! Wait! Typhenous is lying again, right…?”
  • (To Sammial) “Shove off, kid. Before I spank you for manners. Don’t you know how to behave in front of grieving people?”
  • (To Ceria) “You remember! Good to see you again, Ceria! Cade says hi—or he would if he was older. Where’s the arrogant, sniffing [Necromancer]? There he is.
  • (About Bone Horror) “I almost feel bad for it—no, wait. I don’t. Earlia, move back!”

Chapter Appearances[]

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