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The Brilliant Swords of Celum are a group of five Human adventurers from Celum. They are a Bronze-Rank team, but their leader is Silver-ranked.


The Brilliant Swords first appeared in the story as noisy and rowdy guests in the Frenzied Hare, where they drunkenly molested Maran by slapping her butt. Ryoka nearly intervened, but was held back by Garia. When they did it again, Erin reprimanded them only to receive a butt-slap of her own. In the ensuing brawl, the other patrons took Erin's side and beat the five adventurers out of the tavern.[1]

When the City Watch showed up, Wesle eventually decided to lock them up overnight.[2]

They were also present when Erin and Ryoka got banned from Celum's Adventurer's Guild, but wisely decided not to get involved in the matter.[3]