The Broken Spear Tribe was a major Goblin tribe located around the Blood Fields, ruling their area with an iron fist.

History Edit

When Rags sent a goblin to them to negotiate passage away from Liscor, the Broken Spear Tribe brought that emissary back to the Flooded Waters Tribe, where they executed him.[1] Rags concluded that she could only migrate north.[2]

Reiss, the Goblin Lord, subdued the Broken Spears as well as the Ghostly Hand Tribe before leading his army of many thousand goblins north: Past Liscor and Esthelm into the human lands and eventually Invrisil and Dwarfhalls Rest. He made extensive use of the Shield Spiders tamed by the Broken Spears.

Military Strength Edit

The Broken Spear Tribe as well as the Ghostly Hand Tribe managed to achieve local superiority over other goblin tribes.[3]

Although their Chieftain was not a Hobgoblin, he made up his lack of strength with good equipment. Many members of the tribe had armors made out of Shield Spiders; even more, they managed to tame these creatures. In a hypothetical fight with the Redfang Tribe, Rags was unsure which would win.[1][4]

That implies that some of them had the [Beast Tamer] class, as according to Gazi, taming Shield Spiders isn't possible without having it.[5]

Classes/Levels Edit

  • [Beast Tamer]

References Edit

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