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The Broken Spear Tribe was a major Goblin tribe located around the Blood Fields, ruling their area with an iron fist.


When Rags sent a goblin to them to negotiate passage away from Liscor, the Broken Spear Tribe brought that emissary back to the Flooded Waters Tribe, where they executed him.[1] Rags concluded that she could only migrate north.[2]

Reiss, the Goblin Lord, subdued the Broken Spears as well as the Ghostly Hand Tribe before leading his army of many thousand goblins north: Past Liscor and Esthelm into the human lands and eventually Invrisil and Dwarfhalls Rest. He made extensive use of the Shield Spiders tamed by the Broken Spears.

Military Strength[]

The Broken Spear Tribe as well as the Ghostly Hand Tribe managed to achieve local superiority over other goblin tribes.[3]

Although their Chieftain was not a Hobgoblin, he made up his lack of strength with good equipment. Many members of the tribe had armors made out of Shield Spiders; even more, they managed to tame these creatures. In a hypothetical fight with the Redfang Tribe, Rags was unsure which would win.[1][4]

That implies that some of them had the [Beast Tamer] class, as according to Gazi, taming Shield Spiders isn't possible without having it.[5]


  • [Beast Tamer]