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The Brotherhood of Serendipitous Meetings (or Brothers for short), are a crime organization based in Northern Izril.


The Brothers, as they also call themselves, insist on behaving as gentlemen criminals: They dress snappily in black cloth and leather, displaying distinctly good manners and politeness.[1] They are quite used to violence, although they concern themselves on not raising a large body count.

Neither the Brotherhood, nor their occasional partner organization, the Sisters of Chell, are the largest criminal organizations in Izril, but they are dominant in in the "local area"[1] north of Celum. They are also present in First Landing.[2] However, there are even bigger players such as the "Blackrock Collective" in First Landing, or the "Vanishers".[3]

They have an elite group within called the Gentlemen Callers.[1][3] They are believed to be a pair of Level +40 criminals.


They sent a group of four medium-level brothers to Celum and then The Wandering Inn, where they attempted to steal the Magical Door with insider help from Typhenous. In that group were at least two [Thugs]. They had skills like [Cat's Eye] and [Flawless Dodge]. One of them was called "Pilif". Their theft of the door didn't last long: One of Redfang Elite Warriors in Erin's service stopped them with the help of the Cave Goblins.[1]

Afterwards, an [Enforcer] was sent to Celum to investigate the disappearance of that previous team. He teamed up with the investigators which the Sisters of Chell had sent, bought some of the newest alchemical innovation of Celum, Matches,[4] and left Celum with disturbing news about the resident Innkeeper of Liscor in the south, after helping in Numbtongue's fight with the gang of Alchemist Quelm.[5]

Nursery Rhyme[]

The Brothers hum or sing a little old children’s song, a nursery rhyme, when they are about to enter battle.

Verse 1:[]

“The night’s been long and the bodies are wet,

But don’t you fret; be quick and ain’t not a guard who’ll be upset

The good folk are rising, and we’re off to our beds,

The smart thieves away with the loot and the slow ones are dead.”

Verse 2: [6][]

“The rich man awakes and his goods are gone,

The wise man doesn’t ask, and looks at the ones who yawn;

But says not a word from dusk till dawn.”


Known Brothers Members:[]

Former Brothers Members:[]

  • Pilif - Swordbreaker Dagger and Sap [Thug] (Deceased)[1]
  • ? - Cudgel [Thug] (Deceased)[1]
  • ? - Billy Club [Thug] (Deceased)[1]
  • ? - Brass Knuckles [Thug] (Deceased)[1]
  • Teor[8] (Deceased)[11]
  • Crimshaw (Deceased)[12]

Gentlemen Callers' Members:[]


  • They use the codewords serendipitous or serendipity to identify themselves, mostly towards other criminals.[4]
  • Niers Astoragon considered the Gentlemen Callers "the best of the best" and contacted them about the matter of the The Wandering Inn.[2]