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Bugear was a Goblin and one of the Redfang Elite Warriors. After the defense of Esthelm, he became a Hobgoblin.


See: Redfang Elite Warriors. Once becoming a Hobgoblin his height was taller than an average human.


Bugear had a bad infection of tiny mites in one of his ears, at which he almost constantly picked to remove them.[1] It was only the Florist who could remove this nest - that also probably included mite eggs - with lye soap water, oil, sticks and cloth.[2]


Bugear was one of the best five fighters in the group.[1] With his spear, he could hold his place against three enemy goblins at once, and he had a Skill that protected him from being killed by a direct critical hit from Ylawes Byres.[3]


For a general history of the Redfang Elite Warriors#Chronology, see there.

Bugear was part of the Redfang's desperate rush at Toren: he blocked the skeleton's weapon so that Shorthilt could strike him from behind.[2]

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He died in Chapter 4.34.

Powers and Abilities[]