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Buscrei Veltras is a [Hunting Lady] of the Veltras Family that lives in Oswen.





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Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Hunting Lady] Lv. ?


  • [Aquatic Invisibility]
  • [Arc Arrows]
  • [Counter Fire]
  • [Hawk Eyes]
  • [Splinter Arrowheads]


  • Superior Vision: She has peerless vision that could magnify itself.[1]



  • To Ryoka:
    • “So you’re that Courier what helped Tyrion, is that right? I thought he’d send word cheap, but I guess this is easier if you’re about, isn’t it?” (What she meant)
    • “So yer tha Courier what helped Tyrion issat righ? I though he’d send word chep, but I guess thisis easier if you’re about innit?” (What she said)
    • “Huh. Wouldn’t mind gliding off, even if I have to haul it back. Well, ‘salright. I’m Buscrei Veltras. [Hunting Lady] of…here.”
  • To her family:
    • Grab the bird before the predators get it, you lazy salt-slugs! And get up here! We have a Courier for company! It’s that one that helped Tyrion out!
    • “Told you she’d make a good one of us. And that they were probably in bed.”
  • (To Keireen) “Naturally. And I brought purified water for those picky damned trees of yours. Enough of that. What do you think about Tyrion and the Wind Runner?
  • (To everyone) “Oof. She looks like a marsh bird I shot and lost in the swamps. Washed up six days later, looking a bit like that.”
  • (To herself) “That actually worked? String me up and paddle my ass!”
  • (To Ryoka) “You’re one of us, Ryoka. A guest—no. Family. When someone attacks your family, you don’t let them gang up, you shoot them in the ankles and beat them to death!”
  • (To Swey & Setth) “Well, that’s not good. Hear that? She pissed off the fattest nation in Terandria. Told you she doesn’t do things halfway.