The Byres family is a minor aristocracy house, located in Izril.

Background Edit

The Byres Family are distantly related to the Reinharts, making its members relatives of Magnolia Reinhart.[1] They are considered to be one of the Reinhart family’s branch houses, making them subservient to them.

The family also has mercantile roots.[2]

Cool composure. Politeness at all times. That is the mark of a Byres. The Byres always try to be calm, no matter the circumstances, and if they don't manage that their foremost thought is to appear calm. It is important to them not to reveal their vulnerability.

The family's colors is silver, which is not just their pride but also their fortune.[3] Several large mines are located in their lands, filled with silver that they trade.[4]

However, not all of it is being traded. Every warrior of the house is equipped with silver armor.[5]

In the past the Byres family used to be richer, when there was a higher demand for quality silver. At that time they were a household name, but this changed with the disappearance of the Vampires. They used to be a scourge on Izril and had several large infestations that were wiped out over the centuries. House Byres was famous for rooting them out, with their silver being a key component of their destruction. It used to be said that if you wanted to survive a Vampire attack, you would wear a necklace of Byres silver.[6]

Tradition Edit

The Byres family upholds numerous traditions. Some of them used to be involved in honoring their Terandrian roots, but as of the current generation no one in the family cares about them, not even the Family Head.[7]

Known upheld traditions: Edit

  • To have an adventurer or warrior in each generation.[8]
  • Not committing suicide even after catastrophic failure, but carrying on and correcting mistakes.[2]
  • To having the first letter in their family members name start with ‘Y’.[8]
  • To give each other sweets during the Winter Solstice.[9]
  • To having their fighting style consisting of a sword and shield.[10]
  • To becoming a [Knight] or a [Merchant] to uphold both sides of the family.[11][7]
  • Well seeding.[7]
  • Attending the birth of the first animal each spring.[7]
  • Eating Silver.[7]

Strength Edit

Family Members Edit

Currently the family consist of only 5 members which are the Family Head Yitton, his wife, and their children which are the eldest daughter Ysara, the middle son Ylawes, and the youngest daughter Yvlon.[7]

Trivia Edit

  • They are rather infamous locally, and people call them "Honorable, prolific, and stubborn as mules", behind their back.[6]

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